Promoting safe access for horse riders 


Please join us by becoming a paid up member of the Ceredigion Bridleways Group. See below. The more members we have the more likely it is that we will achieve our aims. Membership cost is £6 for one year or £10 for two years.  The membership year is from April to the end of March. CBG was established in February 2011 and ended its first year with 107 members.  By the end of 2012 we again had 107 members although the list included different individuals. By the end of 2013 we had 116 members. In February 2015 we had over 200 paid up members.

Our face book group, which on 13th March 2017, had 747 members, now in October 2019 has 1096 members. This steady increase is indicative of the support that there is for our aims.

If you are able to volunteer to help please join and fill in a form then send it electronically or in the post to our membership secretary.

We want to use safely all routes (see info for more detail) where we are legal users. Our comments on planning applications for development and to Welsh Government consultations are based on trying to achieve safe enjoyment of the countryside and urban areas; and maintaining, and where possible increasing, access opportunities. We are keen to push increased multi-user access where practical and welcome members from other user groups with whom we share these public rights of way (PRoW). We want to raise the profile of horse riders and horses within Ceredigion and to work positively with landowners, Ceredigion County Council,Natural Resources Wales and others to achieve our objectives.

Membership form 2018

Fill in a membership/ride form at any time to join and before doing our fun rides. Read also our ride rules. Send your completed form to our secretary at the address given on the form, or scan/photograph to her email, or give the cash and form to a committee member at a fun ride or meeting venue.

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