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  • Where can I ride ?
  • Reporting surface or obstruction problems on bridleways-Ceredigion County Council
  • Reporting accidents
  • Reporting criminal activity such as illegal motor vehicle use and dog attacks
  • Responding to planning applications 
  • Facts, figures and information 
  • For useful information on the advantages of multi-user routes and horse rider statistics consult this document
Where can I ride ? 

You may ride or lead a horse on public bridleways(B/W), restricted byways(R/B) or routes used as public paths (RUPPs), byways open to all traffic (BOATs), other routes with public access (ORPAs), unclassified roads and roads; permissive bridleways; some commons; tracks on some Natural Resources Wales (NRW) land (especially within the forestry estate but check locally for permit schemes); and on paid-permit toll rides. We may also use routes where we have the permission of the land owner, even if they are footpaths, and other established routes where we are a legitimate user.  We often refer to all horse riding routes collectively as 'bridleways'.  Please do not deviate from the way-marked route, or route on your map, even when you can see a 'shortcut' across a field, as you will be trespassing and it will  really annoy landowners prompting actions which may make the route less pleasant for the users in the future. You may only deviate around an obstructed bridleway within the same land ownership as the route you are on. Report obstructions including H&S hazards immediately to the Council using their website page "reporting problems" - see link above.

Motor vehicles may only use some access tracks to land/property, unclassified roads, BOATs, some ORPAs and roads; horse-drawn carriages may use these and restricted byways; bicycles may use bridleways as well but are required under law to give way to walkers and horse riders. Pedestrians of course can use all. 

You may not ride or lead a horse on public footpaths or cycle trails created under the Cycle Tracks Act 1984 unless you have permission of the landowner. 

The best way to find out where the above routes are is to buy the relevant Ordnance Survey Explorer Map at 1:25 000 scale; to learn how to read the map and then to check the CCW website (outdoorwalesonline) regarding any open access land closures shown on interactive maps.  As most NRW forestry is open access land under the CRoW Act closures are indicative of harvesting operations which are likely to affect PRoW in the vicinity.

Follow this link to the Ceredigion Council website with  maps showing suggested routes for horse riding

Be aware that the status of 'National Trails' shown on OS maps as larger diamond symbols varies from roads down to footpaths.   Routes may be permanently diverted (by the Council following a legal process )and in a different place to the most recent OS map; in such cases there is usually waymarking.

Reporting surface or obstruction problems on bridleways 

Essentially Ceredigion County Council are responsible for the surface of the Public Rights of Way (PRoW) and landowners are responsible for maintaining the open width free of obstruction to allow safe passage of the legitimate users.  Any furniture such as fences and gates are the responsibility of the landowner not the Council even if the Council installed them. Livestock also are the responsibility of the landowner. As the law stands (apart from dairy bulls) you would need to have an accident or possibly a 'near miss' on a PRoW (see reporting accidents above), before then claiming that the livestock, including stallions and other loose equines, were 'dangerous' animals. The Council have the powers to put up signs and waymarking.

Unless you know the landowner, and feel you can safely speak to them about a perceived problem informally, it is best to report all surface and obstruction problems to the Council in writing to :- Ceredigion County Council, Neuadd Gyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron SA46 OPA or use the on line system by following the link below to report a problem/blocked bridleway etc. Click on the drop down menu "rights of way" This will bring up a map where you can log as much detail as possible. -.


The mapping for the council is as follows: - This mapping software helps you determine the path number and shows you how the Council have categorised the route which is relevant regarding their programme of works and maintenance.  If you click on a path that you are interested in it should bring up info about the path

For routes where motor vehicles are not permitted :- Coast & Countryside Section 

 Ceredigion County Council Ranger areas map

  • For routes where there is legitimate motor vehicle use including roads (slippery tarmac, visibility issues and signage) and BOATs:-Highways,Property and Works
  • Regarding motorbike Enduro type events and rallies on bridleways:-Highways,Property and Works

 Please copy your correspondance to CBG Chair (Fiona Evans)   

  •  Your report can be very brief just giving details of where the route is, what type of status it is eg bridleway, what the problem is and when you last visited the site. If you can it is useful to add photos. Phone me Fiona Evans for advice on 01654 781396 or e-mail me. Click here to view an example of a detailed report.    
Reporting horse riding incidents, accidents or near misses

Please report all incidents or accidents on horseback on the BHS website by filling in a form.

Follow this link :-

Reasons why you should do this so there is a national database of evidence:-

  • If you don't do this there is no record so effectively as far as everyone else is concerned it hasn't happened !
  • There is no reason for anything to change in terms of the law or good practise so others may have the same accident as you again and again.
  • We are often asked, if for example we say that self=closing gates are potentially dangerous, for numbers of accidents. If we cannot produce data we can appear unprofessional and over cautious.
Reporting criminal activity 

This may include verbally abusive, passively aggressive or violently aggressive and dangerous obstructive behaviour,  illegal motor vehicle use, anti social behaviour and dangerous animal (horse/dog) incidents on bridleways or other public highways. Always phone from the scene or as soon as possible afterwards.

In an emergency always call 999, if its not an emergency call 101.  To access the 101 service when calling from outside Dyfed-Powys call 01267 222020. To access the 101 service via text 18001101 or e-mail

This should generate a report but you should ask for an incident number.  

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