Promoting safe access for horse riders 



Our group was set up in February 2011 to bring together everyone interested in riding, cycling or walking the bridleways of Ceredigion.  We are affiliated to the British Horse Society and have a membership of over 100. Refer to our MEMBERSHIP webpage to download a form to complete and send with a cheque to our secretary at the address given on the form. Contact us directly about any issue including this website by e-mailing a committee member - details below.

Our Aims

We plan to raise the profile of horse riding; to campaign for safe and pleasant riding out in Ceredigion, and to carry out work to promote access. We aim to achieve those objectives by carrying out the following:-

  • Running the Group by an elected Committee with a constitution and organising meetings with recorded notes or minutes. 
  • Sending information directly to members by e-mail or post
  • Providing information updates, NEWS and changes to or updates on ROUTES 
  • Organising EVENTS, especially fun rides, and publicising them 
  • Reporting problems in writing on bridleways and other legal horse riding routes to Ceredigion County Council and landowners especially Natural Resources Wales (ex FCW,CCW and EAW). Refer to our NEWS page. 
  • Providing guidance on where you can ride, how to report issues and respond to planning applications as well as providing useful INFOrmation related to relevant legislation, horses and riding in Ceredigion. 
  • Responding to planning applications,Welsh Government consultations and other consultations, on behalf of local horse riders. Refer to our NEWS page.
  • Reporting to the Local Access Forum and attending meetings
  • Volunteering including direct clearance of bridleways and gate repair
  • Providing access to members PHOTOS 


Our Committee March 2019:

Fiona Evans                      Chair                            

Fran Griffiths                    Treasurer  

Cath Cromarty                  Secretary  

Mina Morel-Davies           Committee member  

Karen James                    Committee member  

Michael Brennan              Committee member  

Committee Meeting Dates and Minutes 2019

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Minutes March 2019

Minutes: Notes from our 2019 AGM

Draft Minutes 2019 AGM


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